Sagas of the Iron Hearts: Fragments

Copyrighted in 2015, I don’t believe this saw publication until early 2016. The first thing I ever published, its venue was Amazon’s Kindle service and it was shortly thereafter published on Amazon’s print edition service. A novella-length collection of short stories, I can’t help feeling like they’re very rudimentary compared with what I’ve come to expect of myself, but these early writings have a raw and unmollified quality that I’ve come to find very refreshing.

These are the stories that composed the inception of the Goliath Thunder universe which has seen a significant hiatus in publication since its subsequent novel Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice. Monstrous mechanical devices plodding about on far flung planets in various lost causes to the nirvana drum-beat of existential terror. There are several more works in the series that never saw publication. I’ll see what I can do with them.

Anyways, I’m attaching it at the bottom of the page.


Robert Madsen