Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice

The first edition of my second novel was copyrighted and published in 2016 under the auspices of Amazon’s Kindle EBook services–and to a lesser extent in print under the related authorities–until last year when complications in editional publishing brought an end to its support on the platform.

I’ve just been sitting on it since then, wondering what to do about it. The last year was profoundly transitional, and at the time of the book’s retraction from Amazon, I wasn’t really in a place to struggle particularly hard against said retraction. In the same period of time I began to have very serious misgivings about my future as a writer.

In any case, for those that are curious, and perhaps for posterity–I’ve included a PDF of the precise version of the text that would have appeared on Amazon had they continued supporting my work. In the future I may append the various revisions that I have generated since then.

Thank you,

Robert Madsen