Time Enough for an Update

Past few months have been interesting–the slow realization of both the nature of my craft and the industry in much greater detail whilst countless minute but meaninglessly menacing dangers throttle their talons about my door.  I do have a knocker.  Good lord.  Anyways, what I mean to say is that my expanding knowledge of my discipline has forced me to constrict or cease certain projects and alter other projects altogether.  I am not convinced that a good living can be made by an author of common quality working altogether or predominantly upon novels.  Traditional serials were also functionally a dead end.  As for the latter, there’s simply no large established method of dissemination.  For the former–novels–the competition is vicious, and they can easily outspend you.

A lot of work intended for another Goliath Thunder collection is being transformed into a Goliath Thunder novel.  I don’t know when it’s going to be released.  I don’t know when it’s going to be finished.  Even once I get that figured out, I’d have to work out the marketing, and while I do have something in mind, that’s not exactly going to be a picnic to plan out.  In all honesty, expect any future novels to be few and far between.  There’s only so much of this I have in me.

On the bright side, I was extended a sort of olive branch from an unmentioned compatriot–a visual artist–who wants to do a comic series–possibly more if this pans out.  This certain someone indicated I’d be doing the writing, which will be much more more laborious than a comic would traditionally entail.  So I’ll be earning what I eat.  Will be a collaborative effort.  Artist prefers not to be identified, so I won’t.

I can talk a bit about the upcoming novel.  I began thinking about the concept of superposition, the possibility of a probabilistic universe and conflated that with an ambiguity with the relationship between soul and self.  This led into a metaphysical investigation that would put my high school philosophy teacher to shame.  Perception allows awareness of the universe, apparently, but just as easily you could argue that the very act of perception creates the universe–almost like quantum superposition at a macroscopic level.  Does the soul actually exist?  People often ask that question.  But the soul could very well wonder if the body actually exists.  And then there’s the problem of relative perspective.  A pair of observers may be looking at different states, and when they remark, they each perceive only according to their own instantiation.  Anyways, there’s also large thinking military walkers, a military force trapped by its opponent within a surrealistic solar system, and madness.  I wonder what would happen if you collided a grand spaceship, perhaps a kilometer long, going some large fraction of the speed of light, smack into a planet.