My Politics

…is frankly something I prefer not to talk about.  In that regard, I won’t, elucidating only why.

I grew up in this liberal quagmire of unseemly socialism they call “Massachusetts.”  It used to be the bastion of the Republican Party, but all the hard work of their ancestors was met with mean-spirited disregard for them, announcing “I will play in the world made for me by my ancestors,” whilst simultaneously cajoling, “scum that they are,” and concluding by not having any valid children of their own.  The group think there is powerful, nurtured by a mass media that for the most is utterly convincing.  I had the good taste to want to shit down the throat of that fucking Rothschild Anderson Cooper before I realized the faggot would probably enjoy watching a young man crane his anus over his exposed incisors.

Anyways, before getting too far down the logic delineating why Massachusetts, like Mecca, should be wiped off the face of the Earth, I’ll add merely that my dad once said, “Robert, you have unpopular opinions.”

I could mention the professional courtesy that allegedly forbids me from making main my political beliefs nevertheless entertainer, but I think that excuse is somewhat insincere.

The vast majority of people–god bless them–will believe anything anyone in a two piece suit on television tells them, and they will remain ardent in that belief until the two-piece suits say something else.  Even if I could convince such a person of the validity of a different position, that revelation would be immediately deleted by the next two piece suit of the legacy media he comes across.

I do have unpopular opinions that could damage my reputation if I gave voice to them certainly, but what it comes down to, again and again, is “Does it even matter?”  With the majority of people being so intractably numb, nothing I say is going to change anyone’s mind.  In all likelihood, those that could be convinced otherwise already are, and those that can’t will doom themselves and us with them.  Democracy is the rule by a majority after all.  All a demagogue needs to do to own the reins of power is control the lot of these and convince a slim majority of those capable of thinking for themselves.