Update Week of May 1, 2017

I used to be so nostalgic.

Busy busy.

Looks like Youtube is well on its way to becoming little more than television, providing a medium for major–particularly news–media whilst simultaneously driving their own original creators, who made the business successful in the first place, altogether out of business or otherwise entirely off the platform, perhaps for bigger and better things.  And this isn’t me lamenting content creators like H3H3 and Rob Dyke and the like; they’ll be able to make a proud living off of alternatives like Vidme in the future.  What’s sad is that Youtube is well on its way to becoming another Myspace, and the fools can’t see the truth in front of their own faces.  People don’t go to Youtube to watch CNN, and they will never want to.

Reminds me of my own predicament with Facebook.  Next to useless and censors all my work, driving me off the platform.  They’ll be lucky if they see another red cent out of me.