Changing the Guard

From the very beginning of my career as an author, at least from the public side of that career, I have consistently released serialized content.  The first–the Gregory Samuels series and the second–The Sword of the Saints.  My intention, my thinking at the time, was to draw in viewers with free-to-the-public content of more than mere samples but whole series released chapter by chapter once or twice a week.  In truth, I don’t think it was a terrible idea–it had been a functional strategy historically–but my capacity to disseminate these narratives slipped mightily when Facebook slapped me with enough black marks to ensure I’d never be able to advertise upon their medium ever again.  The nearly nine hundred followers that observe my page, by and large, are never updated whenever I make a new post; I actually have to pay money to even hit a notable fraction of my viewers, money that Facebook won’t even allow me to pay anymore.

In truth, I only get a measly amount of site traffic to my serials anymore.  It’s not worth the effort, which is a sad thing considering how much content I have remaining that will never now see the light of day until I rework it into a different format.

You see, the big budgets of the major publishing houses are increasingly a thing of the past.  Due to their overhead and inefficiency, they largely can’t afford to take a risk of anything they publish; they have to be assured it’s not merely going to be a winner, but a big winner; that’s the only way they’re going to use their massive marketing budgets to push the product.  To make it these days, as a tiny aspiring writer like myself, you have to be ingenuitive; you don’t have a massive budget to work with.  You need some sort of draw that doesn’t really cost capital–hence my serialized content.  But for the aforementioned, that’s not going to work anymore, and a result I’m going to take most of it down.  I’ll leave samples of my work on my page, but the vast majority of my content will return to sender until I can rework it into a publishable format.  I’m changing my marketing strategy, you see.  I have been working on this for a very long time.  Truth is, I didn’t want to abandon the serials, but it seems that nothing will be lost if I do.  At least they could be reworked into novels and the like, small things easily purchased in online format for perhaps not even a dollar.  I have a sense that when people really want to read, they don’t want to sort through a website but would rather have the whole thing in their hands, either upon paper or upon a tablet.

Anyways, look forward to Black Friday, when my next book is to be released.  In the mean-time, I’m not going to be going dark, but things will be changing.  Thank you for your patronage.