Update: Week of April 24, 2017

I’ve currently got some strange eyes on a nearly finished manuscript.  It’s been taking rather long than I’d like, so I’ve spent the mean-time working on revising a seventy-seven chapter serial whose rough draft I finished a few months ago.  Needs a lot of work, but the potential is all there.

Thoughts?  I don’t like Facebook.  I don’t like the structure of the platform; I don’t like their business practices [milking yours truly for every penny they can manage]; and I really don’t like the community either.  To be honest, I don’t like family being able to see what I’m up to, and that’s precisely the matter.  Facebook isn’t about intercommunication between inspired strangers on the internet.  It’s about sharing images and short videos while Facebook corporate rakes in the advertising revenue.  I’ve been hanging around Minds.com a fair bit more than Facebook, and already I prefer the company there.  I don’t even know anyone.  It’s glorious.  Facebook is a matrix of echo chambers.  You never get to hear anything either interesting or challenging.