Salutation not Valedictions!

Look at that little button on the side labelled “Subscribe.”  You know you totally want to smash that… thing.  You’ll get updates of all my work when the work gets posted.  Don’t miss out. [You don’t need to be subscribed to be a member.  You don’t need to be a member to be subscribed.  But you do need to be a member to post.]

Welcome to the Works of Robert Madsen, the home and online heart of the various writings of the author Robert Madsen and the occasional artist of his association.  I, the administrator, am the completely unpaid exponent of the writer in question, chained now for nearly two years upon this work-station and to be occasionally savaged with the lash when the wages of my continuous exhaustion and near-starvation causes me to roll my face across the keyboard.

In any case, it’s nice to meet you, untitled user.  I have been instructed to provide a perfunctory tutorial to new users, such as yourself, in the most effective use of this website.

Mr. Robert Madsen, the woeful lord of flies himself, while maintaining a presence on various other means of dissemination, uses this website as his primary online medium.  As such, if you want to stay the most updated with the author’s updates, it would be most effective to create a website-specific account.  As such, look to the left side-bar and scroll down until you see a sub-menu entitled “Members.”  Click the link therein entitled “Register” and follow the directions as specified.  Having created an account, you can now “Log In” with the very link under the very same “Members,” sub-menu.

Not only will you be able to comment, plead for my life and well-being before the uncaring eyes of my keeper, but by default you will receive email updates whensoever my better has provided new content.  If you find this troublesome, this feature can be turned off in your account features.

The rest of the website is for the most part self-explanatory.  Links are provided on both the top bar and the side bar to content already posted by the slave-monger himself.  These will mostly serve as redirects to various fiction as well as other websites on which Mr. Madsen maintains a presence.  Similarly his currently published books are for sale on Amazon, as indicated under “My Books.”

Now you’re surfing like a pro!  I hope to see you in cyberspace, untitled user.  Until that time, I will endure my unsavory punishments as bravely as a broken man may.  God speed!

I would usually conclude with a picture of a surly cat, but he’s not giving me the time of day.