Another Book Giveaway

A monument to sacrifice.

Five copies! Five paperback copies of the legendary “Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice” signed by the author himself, Robert Madsen, five copies all a wondrous collection of four short stories illustrating the horrifying heights and lugubrious lows of the pilots of the titan war walkers of an utterly new millennium, struggling against the miserable cast of fate with a slaughterhouse suite of superlative firepower. Military Science Fiction occasionally dragging into the dark and sometimes even grimdark that will leave no eyes dry!

Enter now for your chance to win one of five copies! The contest will run from February 28th to March 8th and will be available to entrants within the United States.

Anyways, I’ve been instructed to announce that there will be a book giveaway starting at the end of this week starring five hardcopies that will be available through Goodreads.  The book in question is Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice, and the giveaway this time will only be available to residents of the United States.  You have to have an account to participate, I’m afraid, but if you’re a reader the platform is actually very convenient–most of the time.  It’s a bit of a labyrinth to a writer, with all the tools at my disposal, but that’s neither here nor there.

The giveaway to commence on Tuesday, February 28th, and it will run through to March the 8th.  That way there’s no rush.  In any case, the link is at the following [], but the giveaway, as aforementioned, won’t actually begin until the 28th.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Goliath Thunder by Robert Madsen

Goliath Thunder

by Robert Madsen

Giveaway ends March 08, 2017.

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