Announcing the Grand Amazon Giveaway!

A monument to sacrifice.

Update: That went rather faster than I had imagined.  The entire giveaway, which I had imagined to last about two weeks, was over in about eighteen hours.  Congratulations to the winners.  To everyone else, thank you for your participation.

So busy busy; I can’t seem to ever keep things to myself.

I’d like to announce another book giveaway, this time consisting of 20 Ebook editions of my collection Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice, similarly for sale in both paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon if you can’t keep your shirt on for fifteen days.  God knows I can’t.

The aforementioned giveaway is a kind of contest in which contestants have a certain chance of randomly winning an Ebook on what essentially constitutes a roll of the die.  You just have to follow this link and do as the page instructs.  There are no fees or entrance requirements to participate–aside from having an Amazon account of some manner or another.

Best of luck to you.