Book Giveaway Winners

So I ran a book raffle from January 4th to the 12th.  Five books being given away, and we had 877 contestants, somewhat more than I had imagined.  While it would be traditional to announce the lucky five awarded a free copy of my book Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice, I nevertheless feel some fiduciary responsibility to protect their personal information.  Suffice it to say that the international squadron [those not living within the sovereign territory of the United States] won a clear majority of the copies.

As of the publication of this notice, the copies of the title will have been sent out to the appropriate recipients.  Happy reading to you fortunate.  If those fortunate do not receive their copies, for whatever reason, I pray they contact me by whatever means most convenient, and I shall have the matter rectified.  For the vast majority denied this opportunity, know that I will run more book giveaways in the future, but also be aware that while the paperback runs $12 American, a Kindle edition is no more than $2.99 and is otherwise free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

I thank all of you for your attention and participation.  I’m a little overwhelmed at the response I’ve received.  As a sort of runner’s up prize, have an image of a surly cat.