Status Post Saeculares

The holiday season is over.  To some, this may proved the sad but inexorable progression of time; to others, it is a thankful respite from wondering “What am I doing here?” amidst the hordes that share your chromosomes.  When I was younger and had no responsibilities, whether in general or to the holidays themselves, I suppose I was more of the former, but now, I must confess, I hate being deprived of my work.

Anyways, I suppose I’ll attempt to provide, from now on, an update every Friday as to my progress.  To be honest, most of the time it will be boring.  I work and work, and when that work is done I move onto something else.  After a week spent trying to find my words after my creativity has entirely dried up, I tend to have little to reflect upon even when I gaze into the aging lines of my own countenance as I reemerge from the caustic vapors of the shower.

Work on Gregory Samuels Part II continues.  I have another book raffle running on Goodreads at this moment.  If you’re curious you can find it here, but apparently there’s very stiff competition.  Five books, nearly two hundred contestants so far.  I’m still waiting on my editor to return the penultimate transcript of a book, that I might complete the ultimate.  I need a title for another book.  It features three sorts of macabre goddesses traipsing about in the modern to compel good men and women, those wronged, into obscene acts of revenge they would have only before considered.  Can’t think of a title.  I was thinking “Cruelty and Castigation,” but I worry that it would sound like a work of sadomasochism.  Had a few other ideas, but that’s the best I can remember.  That book is completed.  The consideration of title is the only thing keeping me from moving forward.

I know a great deal of people are unhappy about the election.  Strictly speaking, I don’t want to venture into that territory, but there were several aspects of the election that laid bare certain realities of our government of which we were wrong through ignorance intentional or unintentional.  The reality of the electoral college is one, on several different planes, that’s caught my attention.  I’ve already been aware of the frankly punitive powers of the District Attorney’s office and the various entities of the executive branch that only really answer to the office of the POTUS, with the legislative only providing extremely limited oversight.  I suppose what I don’t like is that we’re governed by a great many people we never elected, those merely appointed by those we elected, and generally speaking we don’t use referenda to decide many questions of governance.  How are the agents of the EPA to be held accountable when they’re protected by an opaque wall of executive authority whether it’s actually constitutional or basically illegal?  If a democratic republic is this limited, is democracy really tenable as a means of governance, especially considering how easy it is for foreign entities to buy our representatives?

But I’m just a writer.  This is none of my business.  Beyond that, I’m just a writer of fiction.  I can only pass the censor’s stamp through virtue of setting.