Drinking Before Noon

I’m not terribly photogenic.

Gotta say, it feels nice to have your shit sorted out.  Research completed, writing begun, the continuous feeling of nagging worthlessness at least temporarily mollified, and my Christmas presents are even sorted.  I may need to check with the shipper just to be sure.

I was told, initially, that it was important to have as many fingers in as many pots as possible–great way to get syphilis.  Supposedly that’s how Nietzsche died, that beast.  Maybe that’s not a bad way to start, but it’s certainly not a desirable status quo.  I have pruned my obligations in social media to only what actually matters.  This means dropping the vast majority of my Twitter followers, who are predominantly just advertisers anyways.  DeviantArt is gone.  Wattpad the same.  I’m sure there’s something else I’m missing.  Oh Tumblr–gods above–who could forget or forgive such a hive of scum and villainy?!  And I’m not being ironic when I say that.

Anyways, this allows me to focus my time and budget on what really matters.  Most of my updates are now focused upon Facebook, which has proven to be a cost-efficient means of getting people to read what I’ve written.

Anyways, this will be a working weekend.  I’d like to get the lion’s share of work completed on the current project so thereafter I might move on to the next.  Two serials and another book are currently up in the air, and I’ve found that focusing on one project at a time is most desirable.

In personal news, I am no longer infected.  Deathwing came out.  Not really sure what to read next.  My parents are coming down to visit for two days.  Besides eating and drinking, with the accompanying disapproving nods, I have no idea how to entertain them.  I could go out to a movie.  Most things would have to be out.  I don’t have a large apartment.  Truth is that I’m a workaholic who spends days at a time without human interaction to complete projects.  I am about the least fun as they come, so I don’t have any good ideas.  While we could go to an art festival, frankly I hate the things, and so does my dad.  My mom probably wouldn’t mind though.  Incidentally, comments are appreciated.

Not much of an update, is it?  Once you get beyond a certain level of activity, you realize that everything that’s plain as day in your head is like a fire-hose vomit of information to even close relations.  It’s better to mention as little as possible, lest you be labelled a lunatic and returned to padded walls.

Anyways, obligatory cat, right?

P.S. I had to blow two hundred dollars on updating my operating system.  Apparently Windows 7 Home Premium artificially restricts random access memory to 16 GB.  Fucking obnoxious.  Been updating parts as necessary.  I always have to spend more money than I’d planned.