I’ve Got Pipes in my Knees

cats-oct2012-16Not sure about that capitalization. In any case, it’s been somewhat more than two weeks, and the fans are due something of a progress update. Been working solid in research for an upcoming serial. Never really understood what called for the movement from ships predominantly of oar to ships altogether of sail. The more you know and all that. By this, I can keep things going. Anyways, the research is heretofore completed, great as it was. Perhaps under a month’s writing and the next serial can be completed, but with what level of editorial finish I cannot so far state. Then it’s to write the next book. As I say again and again, I’ve already got two completed volumes waiting in the wings, but there’s absolutely no hurry. For one it’s just to determine the title. I’m thinking “Cruelty and Castigation,” or “Pain and Pugnance” or Pugnation but these latter do not seem an active part of the English vocabulary. How wonderful.

The other book will occur within the same universe as Sword of the Saints: Sinner and even possess similar titling. I was thinking Sword of the Sinner: Exile, but I’m sure I’ll be convinced upon some other moniker.

Much of the rest of the recent effort has been to redirect my marketing efforts.  Some people might think that my status as a writer precludes me some such adventures, but things simply aren’t the way they were fifty years ago.  A writer has to be first and foremost an entrepreneur and only a writer afterwards.  Imagine my shock upon such a revelation, bookish and otherwise swine creature that I am.  Anyways, most of it just has to do with how I decide to spend my time and budget on such projects–what works and what doesn’t.  As such, in addition to too many things not even worth mentioning, I’m restructuring my facebook [hah, I used undercase like you so hate–fuck you, facebook] account to make use of a pair of permanent pages in addition to my author’s page, one of which will emphasize the works incident upon my science fiction universe and the other those upon my fantasy universe.

If my communication seems strange, it’s because I’ve spoken to about three people in about as many weeks.  This is probably my native tongue.

Aside from the aside from, I’ve just been reworking my home life.  Been a lot of things to move around, many things to receive and many things to rubbish.

Anyways, just let me find some photograph of a felid and we’ll be off.