Does a Writer Ever Get Tired of Writing?

I admit it has lost a touch of its novelty the last few years.  I feel like I’m bidden to produce a status update, considering how quiet I’ve been aside from the release schedule.  In reality it’s just more of the same.  I’m currently mired with a nearly finished manuscript, something to pop off to the copyright office, but I’ve had penultimate misgivings, and I’m having the most recent draft looked over, before I inevitably have to rework the thing again.  Just doing my best to avoid last minute alterations observed through bated breath on what are supposed to be the final proofs.

Gregory Samuels is almost over.  There’s only one chapter left, and that’s it.  Seems like ages.  There will be a lull of a week or two while I release previously scheduled but unfortunately shelved content, and then we’re going to begin the release of a new project.  It’s about pirates, but it’s not what you’ll be expecting.  I wanted something rather more happy-go-lucky than my usual productions, but good lord what it ended up becoming.  I like it.  Interesting story.  Reads well.  Compelling characters.  Not child friendly.  Children probably shouldn’t be wandering about my website anyways.

There’s two books in the wings, one the aforementioned, and there’s another–much shorter, altogether different.  No hurry to release them.  Second book only came out a few weeks ago.  Maybe a month.  Maybe more.  Time just doesn’t work the way it used to.  I’m not sure how the release schedule for these will work.  Have to go by ear.

In the mean-time, I’ll have to write more pirates, and I’ll have to write another book, a sequel.  Got the rest of my week cleared out to diagram.  As an aside, I’m also bidden to build my father another computer, who is himself computer illiterate.  You might think that’d be a chore, but I frankly never get to try my hand at something different.  You might think that, seeing as I’m little more than a writer, I’d know little more about computers than the use of a word processor, but I grew up with desktops–taking them apart and putting them back together.  I frankly blush when people tell me how complicated they find such machines, some of these people who are proficient in the repair of motor vehicles.  Computers are easy.  Also unlikely to take your hand off.

Anyways, enough tangential thinking.  Enjoy a photograph of a surly feline.


My editor is an asshole.