Tuesday Blues

I suppose you could call them that, but that’s not really the case.  Truth is that half of the electronics I rely upon to produce content have chosen this week and the previous weekend to completely and irrevocably shit the bed..  Honestly, I was lucky to pull the pertinent information from the hard disk of one so that I wouldn’t have to spend another week doing rewrites.  In all frankness, I’m very good at backing up my files, but my system so far has been to back up everything each week to another computer and an external media device and then to back up each month to a second external media device.  I suppose I failed somewhat, but the system is mostly effective.  So it’s going to take me somewhat more than five hundred dollars to replace the equipment lost, which is five hundred dollars I simply don’t have.  Between the website and a myriad number of hidden costs, I’m barely afloat.  So I’ll have to purchase hardware as money becomes available.  I should be able to replace the first unit at the beginning of next month, but I’ll be eating cup noodles for some time after. Not exactly an ideal diet, and I’m far too old to live like a college student.  Electricity bill burns through my wallet during the warmer months; this is when the air conditioner doesn’t explode trying to make a hundred and five degrees feel like eighty, seventy-five if I’m lucky.

We’re well on track for a September 30 release date for my following book: Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice, but there are problems.  Long story short, I got a final proof of the book, and somehow I found typos on the first page.  Bad form.  Spent a week and a half carefully parsing through the book to detect any other errors.  Truth be told, I was surprised to find there were fewer than I’d imagined, but it still took ages and I only submitted the edited proof on Sunday.  They’re telling me the print preview won’t display the September 25th version for as far as two weeks from the second submission.  Rather the preview will display the erroneous September 8th version during that time.  So do I wait potentially two weeks for the appropriate version to display, or do I bite the bullet anyways and hope for the best?  After all, they will be being the correct book, so Amazon assures me, in any case.  I think I’ll maintain the current release date and pray for a miracle.

Anyways, my betters are telling me I should relate a few pieces of news.  There’s a website called Goodreads.  It’s Amazon affiliated.  Originally, it was run as some sort of charity to encourage people to read.  Basically, people can declare what they’re reading and can share books with other accounts.  There’s somewhat more to it than that, but I frankly don’t understand the site terribly well.  Since then, they’ve allowed for the creation of author accounts so that authors can not only advertise their publications with book giveaways, but so that readers can see what their favorite authors are up to.

Additionally, my betters have passed back to me their suggested changes to my third book, a work of Sword and Sorcery Fantasy.  Thing’s a menace.  This will be my seventh time running through the text in this capacity.  While it’s true that I have a lot more freedom than your typical office worker, I’m still chained to my work station.  I actually think it’s a wonderfully written story, but it has been difficult to work with.

That’s all I can think of for now, until my betters employ the cattle prod.  Have a picture of a cat.