Status Update

I don’t like to leave too many gaps in the posting schedule. As such, today’s as good as any day to provide a status update.

The Gregory Samuels series is now more than half over, the total number of chapters being twenty-eight. There’s a lovely climax; I can assure you. I wrote the series to be something read over coffee in the morning with tussled hair, something that could be read, in pieces, quickly. I was also going to publish it in an animated, interactive format, but that unfortunately fell through when the embed software just did not work. That’s why all the pages show a (txt) suffix. They were intended merely for those that couldn’t display such software. Oh well.

I have previously published a pair of stories regarding an effectual Ms. Other and her various madhouse stories of murder. The two were intended to be part of a larger story, which at that time fell through thanks predominantly to issues of quality in the remainder, but frankly they were violent in a way that left even me uncomfortable. Couldn’t talk to mom, even on the phone, without feeling like I was being judged. Ultraviolence is acceptable in a fantasy or science fiction format and the like where there’s some psychological distance, but it’s altogether different to be machine-gunning a bunch of (relative) innocents in a bar, especially when it’s the protagonist doing the deed. Anyways, I went back and found the stories, two of which I thought could be rehabilitated. They are currently in the works. I may end up releasing a small volume of these stories in both paperback and digital editions.

My eyes have been bleeding every night, but I’m almost finished looking over the final proof of the very shortly arriving book. Found a few problems. Will rectify then send everything ahead.

I also went about completing the western civilization series I started, which I subsequently entitled “Europa Laevicula,” which essentially means “Silly Europe.” I’ll release those as they fit in the schedule.

Busy busy.

At the moment, I’m merely depressed about the president’s intention to hand off the internet to some foreign body. It’s not merely that it’s illegal; it requires an act of congress to hand over national property. It’s rather that the internet will, if he gets his way, be subject to the censorship of foreign nations, even as it’s received in our own nation. While technically one could sue the president on these grounds, by that time it may be too late. I don’t think Americans should be subject to foreign mandates. Devil knows we have enough autocracy as it is. Beyond even this, it bodes ill for the anglophone world in general, francophone additionally. Anywhere western values have taken root will suffer under the autocracy of unexamined authority. Beyond hassling my representative, there’s nothing I can do. But there’s something more than this. Why, seemingly every week, does there need to be a threat possibly existential to our existence?

Anyways, I don’t like ending on a sour note. So enjoy a snapshot of a cat.

I have served as Madsen's persona for far too long.

I have served as Madsen’s persona for far too long.