Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice

Of no volition, both man and machine--and painfully.

Of no volition, both man and machine–and painfully.

So I’m releasing a book, very shortly.  The hard copy will be available very soon at a cost of $15.00, and on this thirtieth of this month the Kindle edition will be released at a cost of $2.99.

I could spend some time discussing what’s in the book, what it’s about, but I think I’ll let its description do the work for me.

Four stories, five players, and the unrelenting sensation that you can never go home again, Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice continues the long suffering tales of its predecessor The Sagas of the Iron Hearts: Fragments, elucidating the unimaginable victories and bitter defeats of the ironclad vanguards of the distant future. On battlefields of yet unrealized worlds, the very soil trembles, resounding painfully in the ears of a commander of cavalry, his vehicles poised on the hill, while with trepidation, whirling his eyes about, he grimly awaits the sight of those cyclopean limbs soon to be cresting the apex of that horizon hill. And while he awaits and grits his cross within his teeth, coming from the far horizon, with leaps and bounds to exceed the finest skimmer to ever grace human hands, a steel tower of finely-wrought legs and magnificent limbs bears the virtual armament of a heavy cruiser on her shoulders, eager for the spoil of the day. And within her armored auspices the pilot reminisces his stolen home, that glory is fleeting, and that this scene has played out before. And so it will again—a play of sacrifice—in the swirling contest and brutal melee of human pilots, riding the sixty-foot beasts of iron, striving to just survive to one more dawn.