Sagas of the Iron Hearts: Rebranding

001_newI confess.  I confess.  I confess I’m not much for the title of the book.  It was a spur of the moment thing and seemed like a great idea at the time.  Then three weeks later I ran out of ether.  I’ve already copyrighted the new title; expect to see the following book, which is incidentally already finished, clean, and copyrighted in the next few months released under a strange title with a sub-sub title indicating relation to its forebear.

At the moment, I’ve got three writing projects going simultaneously.  The first is my next book, a proper novel set in a fantasy universe I’ve yet to elucidate in any way to anyone other than my spouse.  Lovely bloodshed, existential crises, and a conclusion that will leave the readers angry and wanting more.  As god intended.  Thereafter I’m working on a pair of serials, the first set in my existing science fiction universe and the latter set in this fantasy universe so far mysterious.  Nice bite size pieces of a much larger story, rather like comic books.  I’ll be honest; it’s intended to drum up a fan-base, keep em coming back for more.  But they will be free, completely free, so that’s always nice.  A piece of advice to wise readers, note the distinct narrative style of the three different projects as they become available.  See if you can tell me what’s closest to my natural tongue as a writer.