The Next Two to Four Months

It’s been a bit just gettTurkeys Jan2012 (2)ing here.  I’ve got a book released, a second book waiting in the wings for her time in the sun, and I published a pair of short stories on this venue.  It was a lot of work; I spent more than a year on it, and I threw out a great deal more content than I kept.  Anyways, as it stands, I’ve got virtually no fan-base.  I can’t do anything with that.  I do actually have a marketing scheme in mind to rectify that error, but it’s going to take between another two and four months for my master plan to achieve fruition.

Don’t feel very clever today.

Anyways, it’s going seem like I’m going dark for a number of months, with little but inconsequential updates and outright lies to fill the gaps, but in reality, I’ll be working like a dog for the master’s slave’s slave’s scraps.

Have a picture of turkeys.