Beware the Ides of Febtober

newtest_03…Because they conveniently occur on the date of this missive, and I’m not in a terribly good mood–not that I ever am.

Well.  The first of two completed volumes should be seeing publication within a week.  The second some time later; no sense flooding the marketplace and whathaveyou.  I’ll provide the title and links and other pertinent information for people buying books when I have confirmed publication.

In other news, I’ve begun production on a third book, but I just don’t see any point in providing much in the way of detail at this point.  It will be a fantasy novel, and the themes will be generally dark.  The narrative perspective will also be significantly more withdrawn than I am accustomed.  How I long for the day that I might have the time and genuine opportunity to write social satire!  Actually, I’ll provide a few tidbits.  Months and months ago, I was playing a Heart of Fury run through Icewind Dale, and I’d taken the effort of creating novel personas for the members of my four-man party.  At least I think it was a four-man party.  It might have been six.  Anyways, the token “I need to break traps and pick locks” thief I’d been using I dual classed into something I can no longer remember, and I recall her being actually useful in combat.  And then there was this short story starring her as a protagonist that became a sort of test-bed for the setting.  I don’t think the short story in question will ever see the light of day, but it was nevertheless useful.  I should make it clear that I’m not using the Forgotten Realms setting or any other setting for that matter, and it isn’t just a question of acquiring the rights–which would be impossible–I just would rather write something I care about.

Lovely.  Anyways, should see some short stories appearing here and in other venues–free of charge–because I honestly don’t see the point in acquiring an officially denoted copyright for them.  Also, beggars can’t be choosers.