I’m not the Man They Think I am at Home

060_ccropIt’s been a while without an update, and truthfully it’s been quite hectic.  I’ve been working to put the final touches on my book, my priority, before hurrying it to the copyright office, and it’s been a laborious process; that’s been the majority of the past two months.  There’s also the short stories, but they’ve hit the back-burner while I figure the lot of this out, being a rough amateur by comparison with any properly published author.  I suppose it’s weird to be a writer and be at a loss for words, but there really isn’t much to say.  We’ve updated the banner.  She’s appropriately desolate.

Anyways, we thought we were on track for a Christmas release, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until the new year before the book sees the light of day.  There’s still the final edits, formatting edits, copyright office, and something here and there I most certainly have forgotten but most certainly will recall when necessary.

Hope you had a fine Thanksgiving.  Hope you will have a fine Christmas.

Anyways, here she is, the painting in all her red, devil-haired glory, uncropped.  Gloria ad Waldo McKenna.