New Theme

I’ve always wondered the exact relationship between the word “theme” and its undoubtedly Hellenic antecedents.  I’ve wondered, but I’ve never bothered to actually research the etymology.

Well, it appears it’s derived from the word “thema” which is derived from a verbal root “tithenai” which means to put down.  “Thema” more broadly means “proposition” or “subject.”  Interesting, I suppose.

In any case, we’ve decided to go with a different theme, for as interesting as my exploration into stylesheets was, it was proving increasingly aggravating to be rooting through code for even any minor alteration to the appearance of the site; as such, we’ve opted for a format that makes our job infinitely easier.

There is still discussion as to the ultimate appearance, the color scheme–you get the idea.  So matters are likely to change as we get our hands on the initial art assets.

Anyways, best of all to whatever vagabonds may cross this path.