Supposed to be Writing

I’ve got a list, miles long, of things I need to be writing.  Of course I’m fucking ill.  Anyways, I’m told I need to communicate more often.  So now you all know how miserable I am.  Lovely.  I’m just going to rattle off a few thoughts, things bouncing around in my head I’d rather just forget. A few years ago, I had a thought that there’s something wrong with performance artists: actors.  I always knew they had a tendency to be extremely self-indulgent, and this translates often disastrously upon the stage.  Unless there’s a director with a strong whipping hand in reign the stupid little shit in, he’ll indulge himself in whatever performance he pleases, even if the audience can’t relate.  What I don’t understand is where actors get off thinking we give a shit about their political opinions, regardless of the content.  I suppose I can see that people who are so visible believe they have some genuine importance; the problem is that they’re actors.  They don’t know anything.  They haven’t spent eight years studying the philosophy of politics.  They’re just dancing apes with too much money and an inflated sense of self importance.  This is worsened by the Read More …

This is the End Part Two

Perhaps one World War could have been tolerable to the European piggy-bank, but two was pushing it too far.  Entire economies and wholesale infrastructures devastated and nations completely impoverished in a set of engagements from which Europe still has genuinely to recover, god knows the cost to American foreign policy.  Unable to maintain their extended empires, the Western sphere of influence winnowed and shrank dramatically, its only remain exponent of any influence being the United States which was already gearing up for a third and titanic conflict–this time with the Soviet Union–that thankfully never came to fruition.  But nature despises a vacuum.  All the pomp and national spirit that had characterized western nations at the outset of World War One had been totally drained.  Within this came something born of the egalitarianism of the West but something I’m forced to characterize altogether differently; Marxism, already germinating within the national character of all western nations grew infectious and lugubrious, the constant threat of red revolution now a problem of international scale.  This gave rise to post-modernism, the obscene doctrine of Derrida and other filthy counter-culture gurus which would ultimately erase any last semblance of national pride in several generations time, a Read More …

This is the End

We’ve come down to a subject I’ve been deliberately avoiding for weeks, something I perhaps find terrifying, something for which, if I elucidate it incorrectly, I will never ever be forgiven.  So we’ve described the conception of Western Civilization, its spread, its development, its survival through times of darkness, and we’ve come upon the precipice of the great conclusion: the modern period which saw the rise of powerful western states with modern legal systems, modern manufacturing, modern notions, and modern ways of making war.  Everything, quite naturally, changed.  This conclusion will necessarily be a multi-part document.  I want to talk about the ways in which the interaction of western states changed, starting with the Crimean War.  I also want to talk about the World Wars in context, and I finally want to discuss our contemporary, what’s often called the “Post Modern Period,” which in our general malaise is more a threat to our way of life than any regiment of bayonets or battery of artillery.

Vana Roma

I confess, this reads like the connecting link holding together the whole argument of this western civilization series, and it may in many ways seem completely obvious; nevertheless, it’s important to relate. The Romans really are fascinating.  It’s easy to get lost, considering how much of our daily life is Roman: our beliefs in politics, our laws regarding property and inheritance, even some of our burial rights, the model of the standing army; I’ll be here all night if I try to list off all the ways.  It’s true that the Greeks may have invented Western Civilization, what was then what we would call “Hellenic Culture,” but in spite of the spread of many Greek colonies through much of the Mediterranean basin, it was really the Romans that, having adopted this culture and having modeled themselves after this culture, spread it wheresoever they feet or their rudders should take them, which was a fair bit further than the Greeks. Doesn’t really seem funny though, does it?  Why should the Romans not make use of what they consider to be good ideas, ideas that would advance their cause and increase their standing among nations?  Have you ever read the Iliad?  Seems Read More …

See You Space Cowboy

All twenty-eight chapters of the Gregory Samuels series have been released.  There’s no more, but there will be sequels in the future.  For the time being, there will be about a week and a half of unreleased though essential content–that I just never got around to posting–to be followed with a forty-four part series about pirates and slavery–and what you might call “romance”–and spectacle violence.  It’s the incipient story of the chevalier Arius and how his life got “flipped turned upside down.”  Gritty fantasy with a dash of dark humor.  After writing mechanized violence for nearly two years, trying to make it sound visceral, it was refreshing to just be able to plug the other guy with a bit of pointed stick with the effusions of gore necessarily entailed.  Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for the moment.  Wish I had more to tell.

Does a Writer Ever Get Tired of Writing?

I admit it has lost a touch of its novelty the last few years.  I feel like I’m bidden to produce a status update, considering how quiet I’ve been aside from the release schedule.  In reality it’s just more of the same.  I’m currently mired with a nearly finished manuscript, something to pop off to the copyright office, but I’ve had penultimate misgivings, and I’m having the most recent draft looked over, before I inevitably have to rework the thing again.  Just doing my best to avoid last minute alterations observed through bated breath on what are supposed to be the final proofs. Gregory Samuels is almost over.  There’s only one chapter left, and that’s it.  Seems like ages.  There will be a lull of a week or two while I release previously scheduled but unfortunately shelved content, and then we’re going to begin the release of a new project.  It’s about pirates, but it’s not what you’ll be expecting.  I wanted something rather more happy-go-lucky than my usual productions, but good lord what it ended up becoming.  I like it.  Interesting story.  Reads well.  Compelling characters.  Not child friendly.  Children probably shouldn’t be wandering about my website anyways.