State of the Scribblings

Isn’t the voting season just lovely?  It helps to have such unpopular political opinions that you can’t possibly give voice for fear of reprisal. We’re in something of a lull at the moment.  I’ve just released another book.  $15 paperback and a very affordable $2.99 Kindle.  Buy it now.  Sell it at profit to your kleptomaniac neighbor Vadim; he will not know any better.  Anyways, I have enough serial content to develop a serious drinking problem.  I have two virtually finished drafts for a further two books.  But unfortunately, as it happens, all I can think about are the new stories I’d like to write, and they are manifold.  One of the books which is virtually finished will need a sequel nearly immediately.  I’ve formulated a trilogy of titles for the Goliath Thunder series; novels this time rather than collections.  There are several concepts for science fiction serials as well, all of which would be a joy to write and to read.  And there’s more, but I’d rather not comment on any particulars further, not at this moment. Frankly wish I had somewhat more to relate.  Here, have another picture of an adorable feline giving me the stink-eye.

The Next Week

Honestly, dear viewers, this probably won’t affect most of you.  There may not even be any discernible distinction from the normal.  In any case, I just released a second book, and I’ve got two more books more or less complete.  I haven’t taken a weekend in months, and I’m just strained beyond being any use any longer.  So, for the rest of this week, my release schedule will not change, as the content is already long prepared, but I frankly won’t spend a lot of time, if any, trying to interact with the wide wide world of the bleeding internet.  I’m on vacation, as much as I can be. Anyways, buy Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice and its sister antecedent The Sagas of the Iron Hearts: Fragments.  They’re both really good reads, and trust me; I know.  I’ve read each of them at least a dozen times.