The Long Haired Achaians

We’ll begin with the very beginning, the discrimination that finally separated in the popular consciousness of the Greeks the East from the West.  We’re beginning with Homer; we’re beginning with the Iliad, the first work of what can be termed a Western Literature.  And while I could talk about the dramatic elements evident in the Homeric texts so utterly unlike its eastern contemporaries, I’m going to focus merely on the development of humanism.  Homer’s works were always popular fiction, not the cultic practices of priests for religious performances, but being popular fiction they reflected the popular interpretation of the nature of the gods.  And these gods were nothing like the god of the bible; in fact, they possessed human, that is anthropomorphic, qualities and they had a direct influence on human invents in which they seemed particularly invested.  Furthermore, the warriors on the field behaved with human pathos to the events they endured.  Indeed, it seemed finally that the poet found a subject in himself.

The End of Nights We Tried to Die

It’s been difficult for me, working entirely as an entertainer, to suffer without the capacity to make commentary on what I consider the most important issues of our time, which seem to frequently double as the most controversial issues of our time.  Truth is, I’m not professor and neither am I some well-read media personality, but there are a few things I’m knowledgeable about hailing back to a time before the career switch to “starving artist” better known as “sleeps in doorways.”  It is the fault of a post-colonial narrative that paints the breadth and scope of Western Civilization as something monstrous, as something terrible; it is the fault of people who know so absolutely little about it, and neither could they tell you very much about other civilizations either, owing to their permanently affixed red-red Marxist goggles that they employ categorically rather than as an interpretive tool.  I intend to do something of a miniseries about this, an elucidation of Western Civilization focusing upon important works of Western Literature to important battles that shaped the western world.  This will be my contribution to what should have been an orderly discussion.  I won’t make any pretense of being unbiased, if I Read More …

Transform and Roll Out

Looks like in a month’s time, we’ll be rolling out new content on a variety of venues, but predominantly here, as I have far more influence over the website than such trivial rubbish as deviantart and the like.  A whole suite of science-fiction works have been completed, including a second edition of my initial publication The Sagas of the Iron Hearts: Fragments, a four-month running serial entitled The Recovered Logs of Midshipman Gregory Samuels to occur within the same universe, and a second somewhat meatier book to be released at the completion of the serial whose title is here announced Goliath Thunder: Sacrifice.  I’ll be sure to give such notification when the time is right that no-one will go oblivious, and the eyes of all will bleed with infernal joy. After that, be prepared for another serial, this time to occur in a fantasy universe of my own creation of approximately 5 months in length–mind you, this includes releasing chapters twice weekly, as I should have mentioned earlier.  With this there will be a book, a book whose title I haven’t yet determined.  And from there more content and more, until this is no more Robert Madsen but peace.