Been a Tough Few Weeks

Tough but productive, in spite of several crashes that sent me reeling for days.  Wish I could tell you more, more than merely I’ve finished the “vomit draft” of another project, with yet another project already initialized looming again near.  Might have to work weird hours to cover all of it, the continued writing and the six to ten rounds of edits necessary to produce something I’m proud of enough to release to the public.  How cryptic.  To put it simply, I’ve rough drafts of two different projects that need edits, which is actually a much more laborious process than it sounds, and I’ve got to continue writing my third book, this one a novel, rather than a collection of stories or novellas.  Perhaps I’ll release glimpses of the artwork entailed in the mean-time.  My artist has promised heaven and earth as far as visual content for these projects.  Should be interesting.